Where to buy Nutrisystem in Stores

nu1Nutrisystem has been providing weight loss solutions to all kinds of people through its well defined diet plans that are designed based on individual requirements. If you want to experience the amazing weight loss happening, you will have to follow the diet plan for at least two months. The main objective of Nutrisystem program is to help the dieters lead a hassle free life without bothering about calorie counting or portion checking. Nutrisystem has followers ranging from ordinary fitness seekers to celebrities. The weight loss strategies of Nurtrisystem are very effective which has paved way to many success stories. The company has a track record of over 45 years and continues to offer weight loss solutions through dynamic diet plans.

Nutrisystem kits in stores

Nutrisystem like any other commercial set up started as a brick and mortar store and gradually established the online portal. If you are looking for Nutrisystem kits, they are available at big supermarkets like Walmart. However, they are starter kits consisting of meal packets for 5 days and helpful to kick start your weight loss journey. When buying in stores like Walmart, you may not get access to many of the effective online tools, trackers and free counseling. When you subscribe to Nutrisystem diet plans through its online portal you will get to enjoy a lot of features and discounts that the company keeps sending.

Many dieters found the online ordering to be convenient and so the company started introducing specialized plans. The dieters can order for diet meals at the comfort of their own home. The diet meals for 4 weeks will be delivered to their doorstep. The meals are delivered in precooked condition and stuffed into microwavable pouches. Dieters have to just reheat those pouches in a microwave oven and relish them at their meal times. Ordering meals through online portal has lot of benefits. The company keeps sending discount coupons and seasonal offers when you subscribe it online. These discounts help you save a good amount of money on your orders. The online community interactions keep the dieters motivated to stay on the track.

Nutrisystem plans

Nutrisystem provides diet foods through three standard plans and specialized plans to dieters belonging to all walks of life. The plans are cost effective and provide weight loss at a steady and healthy manner.

Basic plan: Subscribers of this diet plan will be provided with preselected meals. It is the very basic plan as the name suggests and has the lowest price. Subscribers also get free access to online tools and trackers.

Core plan: Subscribers of this plan will get access to 100 meal options to choose from. As this plan provides variety and priced affordable, it is the choice of many dieters. An extra feature that the dieters get to enjoy here is unlimited access to diet counseling.

Uniquely yours plan: This is the top rated plan with exclusive features. Subscribing to this plan the dieters get full freedom to menu customization where they get access to 150 plus meal options. Dieters get to enjoy gourmet frozen meals in this plan.


Diabetes plan: This is a special plan designed for people with type 2 diabetes condition. People with medical conditions have to be careful when it comes to food and losing weight. The effort of losing weight should not affect their health conditions. Nutrisyste D offers low glycemic foods which slowly release the carbs into the blood stream and stabilize the blood glucose levels. Therefore, diabetics can control their insulin levels as well as lose weight following this plan.

Men’s plan: There is a separate program for men consisting of the three standard plans. Each plan provides an extra meal as men have to consume more calories when compared to women. Therefore, the cost of men’s plans is a bit higher than other plans. Fitness seeking men can conveniently follow these plans and attain their goals.

Vegetarian plan: Non meat eaters can subscribe to this plan and lose weight consuming plant based foods. There are 90 meal options provided under this plan mostly involving plant based foods and dairy products.

Lean 13 plan: This was introduced in the recent past guaranteeing 13 lbs and 7 inches of weight loss in the first month. The program recommends dieters to start with Lean 13 as it is designed to accelerate the weight loss process. The plan offers 7 breakfast meals, lunches and dinners along with nutricrush bars and turbo shakes. The shakes are filled probiotics and fiber which promotes digestion. The nutricrush bars are good to have in between meals as they suppress the hunger pangs.

The cost and support of Nutrisystem plans

Nutrisystem plans are affordable as the top rated plan just costs carrots$11.96 per day. The company also issues money back guarantee for 14 days against dissatisfaction. The refund will be made exclusive of shipping cost if the foods are returned within the guarantee period. The cost of plans even comes down upon using coupons seasonal discounts. Among all the plans, the men’s plans are slightly priced higher as they are supplied an additional meal daily. This is because men have to eat more calories than women.

The diet program encourages you to have 5 o6 6 meals a day along with snacks and desserts. It also encourages adding fresh fruits and vegetables to the daily diet. The meals are packed at the best of their taste and flavor. They are devoid of artificial sweeteners or preservatives. They are prepared under the expert guidance and include essential nutrients and weight loss ingredients.

The dieters get free access to NuMi app which enables them tracker their weight loss progress. The app facilitates you to log in your daily foods, exercise, body weight and more. It syncs with latest fitness devices like Fitbit, Jawbone and Apple Health. You can eat outside following the recommendations from the eating out guide that the program provides. The Nutrisystem Leaf site provides lot of healthy recipes with video instructions which are easy to follow.


Nutrisystem has helped many dieters lose weight and also learn the importance of portion control. The program is popular among many dieters because of its conveniences. People leading busy work life can conveniently follow Nutrisystem and lose weight in a healthy way. The food packages are portable and can be conveniently slid into your backpacks. The program promises wonderful weight loss results when the guidelines are strictly adhered.