10 Daily Habits That burn Belly Fat

The belly fat is the fat which tends to accumulate around your stomach area and this is the most stubborn fat and the hardest to get rid of. Instead of cutting down on your food intake and following crash dieting methods to see a change in the weighing scale, you can incorporate some healthy habits and lifestyle changes which will work better and help you lose the abdominal fat more effectively. Some of these easy-to-follow habits which can help you to burn belly fat better and faster have been highlighted below:

can1. To start with, it may be a good idea to avoid the artificial sweeteners and diet drinks. The artificial sugars like saccharin will trick the body’s metabolism into believing that glucose has been released into cells and this causes insulin levels in the blood to spike. However, in the absence of glucose in cells, insulin remains in the bloodstream leading to fat storage. Diet sodas are heavily loaded with these harmful artificial sweeteners.

2. A good daily habit to shed the extra fat around your belly region is to eat multiple small meals during the day. Three balanced meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner is what your body needs and not snacks. So, you must make a conscious effort to wean yourself away from mindless snacking habits.

3. While saturated fats may be very harmful for the body, there are some unsaturated fats that are healthy. The polyunsaturated fats help to activate the genes and reduce fat storage. Walnuts for example, are found to be the best kind of unsaturated fats which have belly-busting benefits. Macadamia nuts contain high amounts of monounsaturated fatty acid and are recommended for fighting belly fat. Even when cooking food, it is important to avoid the use of vegetable oils. Replacing the corn oil or soyabean oil with coconut oil may be a good decision because the latter will not trigger cellular damage like the unsaturated oils.

4. When you want to reduce the belly fat you should consciously stay away from the boot-camp routine. A High Intensity Interval Training will not help you shed that belly fat. Rather when you follow a proper diet recommended by a certified dietician and engage in regular exercises, you are more likely to lose the belly fat. HIIT sessions are excellent for improving fitness levels but these will not be productive when you are grappling with belly fat issues. Including more squats in your exercise regimen may help you get the results you want. When you do more squats, you will be able to tone your thighs and butt better. You can also activate many large muscle groups that will in turn accelerate metabolism and help you burn fat.

5. A good way to fight the belly fat is to start adding more proteins in your everyday meals. Most women fear that greater protein intake will make them obese. But when there is not enough protein in your diet, the body begins to eat into the muscles in order to get the necessary amino acids for metabolic functions. Along with proteins, you need to up your intake of whole grains. Complex carbs like legumes and whole grains, brown rice, quinoa and oats, are good for fat-burning compared to refined carbs.

6. You can include more beans in your daily meals to lose the green-beansbelly fat. These are loaded with soluble fibers which can cut down on abdominal fat deposits.

7. You should swap the coffee every morning with green tea to enjoy its health benefits. When you drink green tea, your body gets compounds known as catechins which are belly fat fighters. These will destroy the adipose tissues, increase metabolism and release of fat from cells, accelerating your liver’s fat-burning powers.

8. Instead of indulging in unhealthy snacks when you are hungry, you can choose to eat popcorn, without the salt and butter of course. Popcorns are known to have very high fiber content and a single cup offers more than 9 grams.

9. You can also sprinkle more pepper on the meals you eat to burn the belly fat. The piperine in pepper has always been used for treating health problems in the past. New studies reveal that this compound is effective in reducing inflammations and can reduce your waist size considerably.

10. Finally, you can eat more dark chocolates to shrink the stomach fat. Research has shown that when you consume moderate amounts of this food, you will be able to notice a gradual shrinkage of the overall body fat. This is because the dark chocolate variety has flavonoids or heart-healthy compounds that are known to possess many anti-inflammatory properties.

Following these easy tips can help you shed much of the belly fat without having to put your health at risk.