7 Ways to Prevent a Weight Loss Rebound

A weight loss rebound is quite common in people who have managed to shed a certain amount of weight successfully but may have discontinued their diet plans. This is why it is important to inculcate healthy eating habits for a lifetime; only then can you hope to keep the weight from coming back. Studies show that only about 20% dieters can attain weight loss targets and then maintain these. While the numbers may not be very encouraging, the truth is that it is indeed possible to maintain the weight you have lost if you are really committed.

pizzaMindless Snacking: The easiest way to gain unwanted weight is to munch on food when you are preoccupied with something else, like watching TV. This is when you do not understand when to stop eating because you are distracted. When we are concentrating on things other than the food in front of us, we usually eat faster and overlook the taste or texture of the food.

Weight Monitoring: A good way to keep reminding yourself to stick to healthy meals is to take your body weight on a regular basis. Those who keep the scale aside are likely to forget about their weight and end up making wrong food choices. The best way to track your weight gain is to weigh yourself at the same time every day.

Eating Breakfast: While many of us tend to overlook the importance of eating a wholesome and nutritious breakfast, the truth is that when you skip this meal, you gain more weight. Foregoing meals make you eat more in the subsequent meals. You are more likely to give into unhealthy cravings when you miss breakfast. Incidentally, it is also a good idea to keep fatty snacks like nuts at home. If you can eat mixed nuts and peanuts, you are more than likely to hold onto the desired weight. When you eat fatty nuts slowly, you are aware of the portions. Digestion is slow and you end up feeling satisfied for a long time.

Eating more Salads: If you include salads before the main meals you tend to eat fewer portions during your meals. Vegetables in the salad are high in fiber and low in calories; this makes you feel satisfied and you are likely to consume less food for the main course. However, you should be careful not to use fatty dressings for your salads.

Exercise Planning: Though your weight loss may have been completely due to a well-crafted diet program, it is still necessary to include exercises in your daily lives. To maintain long-term weight loss, you need to work out for at least one hour every day and this requires planning ahead. The exercises should include weight training to build muscle mass and accelerate the metabolism. Since everyone does not have the exact same body, you need to understand which kind of workout will benefit your body type the best.

Introducing Variety in Workouts: At the same time, when you perform the same type of exercises each day, the body slowly gets used to this routine. It will not burn as many calories as it used to when you started off and you will soon reach the much-dreaded weight loss plateau. So, you should aim to introduce some variety in the daily workouts, so that both your stamina and strength can grow. It may also help to get a partner or friend to exercise with; you will be motivated to stick to your weight loss routines when you have someone to push you and keep your morale high.

Getting Sleep: Without adequate rest you cannot expect your sleepingbody to recover from fatigue. When you lack sleep and adequate rest, your body starts to release cortisol or the stress hormone. This affects your immunity and weight dramatically making you prone to chronic diseases. If you have a very hectic lifestyle or a demanding job, you are likely to release this hormone in large amounts. As a result, you are driven to junk foods and this may cause unnecessary weight gain. So, when you are under excess pressure, your metabolism slackens and you are likely to gain more pounds. Practicing yoga, breathing exercises and meditation can help you cope with stress and helps you relax and unwind. Once you are calm in your mind, you will automatically be able to keep the extra weight off.

These are some easy tricks to prevent the pounds from coming back. To ensure that you maintain the weight you have lost, you can try to incorporate each of the above-mentioned habits in your daily life. These will guarantee that you eat the right kind of foods and exercise moderately to keep your metabolism high.