Bowflex Max Trainer Review

bowflex-ftWhen you are looking for an intuitive fitness machine which guarantees faster calorie-burn you should consider buying the Bowflex Max Trainer models. These machines not only help you lose the extra weight, but also improve your cardiovascular health, build your stamina and endurance levels. Incidentally, it is stated that the Max Trainer machines make you burn calories even after you have stopped your exercises. Buyers have described the Bowflex Max Trainer as a combination of stair climber, reverse elliptical trainer and stationary bicycle. The unique motion that users are likely to experience on the machine produces practically zero impact so that you will not hurt your joints or back; rather you will enjoy a comprehensive full body workout on this machine.

How the Bowflex Max Trainer Models Work?

The machine has a sleek appearance and provides a 14 minute whole body workout. The machine works similar to the elliptical trainer. Since the exercises are low in impact, you will not be hurting your knees in the process. However, compared to regular elliptical trainers, this particular fitness machine engages both your upper and lower body muscles to get the quickest and best results. There are broad foot planks which guarantee stability when the user is standing. These plans move in both upward-downward and forward-backward motions. The machine is fitted with “arms” which move forward and backward opposite to each other. They have V-shaped handles which let the user vary intensity of his workouts according to his preferences by changing hand positions. The Max Trainer’s gauge that works like a speedometer in a vehicle shows the number of calories burned during the workout, the target exertion range etc. The manual handlebar knob lets you adjust resistance levels according to your comfort levels. The machine makes use of an AC adapter for power. The Max Trainer app in both Android smartphone and iPhone offers additional tracking features and workouts.

Why should you buy the Bowflex Max Trainer models?

Effective Workouts: The Max Trainer provides small spells of intense activity interspersed with long rest periods called intervals. This technique is known to help you burn more calories. Incidentally, calories are burned long after the user has completed his workouts on the machine. It is reported that the Max Trainer helps you burn 2.5 times more calories than treadmills or stair climbers and guarantees 80% greater upper body activation compared to elliptical.

Costs: The Max Trainer M3 model is available for $999 with extra shipping and handling charges while the Max Trainer M5 model is priced at $1599 with additional shipping charges. This makes the Bowflex Max Trainers quite affordable when you analyze the health benefits they provide in just a few minutes of workout.

Safe Workouts: While the M3 may not be equipped with all the advanced features of the M5, the workouts are low impact in both the models. Being zero impact in nature, the workouts will not hurt your joints. Moreover, you will end up burning far more calories in shorter time. The Max Trainer M3 has two workout programs called the Manual and Max Interval. Users can select from 8 resistance levels beginning with the least ones and gradually work their way up when they gain confidence and build more stamina. The M3 has a clear display with indicators that show your heart rate and calories burned. You can monitor the heart rate with the chest strap.

The Max Trainer M5 has more attractive features and a better overall rating. It also provides a longer warranty and many more resistance levels for the user’s convenience. It burns more calories in only 15 minutes of workout. There are as many as 16 resistance levels for the benefit of the user. The gauge readout is easy to read and the machine has 8 built-in programs. This machine also offers zero impact on the joints.

Flexibility: The user can increase his workout intensity slowly as he progresses from one level to another. The machine therefore helps both first timers and pros to lose weight and you are sure to get better results when you keep increasing the resistance levels.

Upper Body Workouts: The Max Trainer is one of the few cardio training machines which help you workout your upper body muscles. You can expect to gain arm strength when you exercise on this machine.

Workout Programs: Besides the Fitness Test mode, there are multiple modes like the Stairs mode, Fat Burn, Calorie Burn, Steady State, Calorie Goal etc that offer mixed workout experiences without the user having to control his workouts manually.

Space Saving: The Max Trainer M3 and M5 have compact designs and take up little space at home. They are ergonomically designed with media shelves and cup holder for user convenience. The design makes it convenient for use by both seasoned athletes and beginners.

Warranty & Guarantee: Both the Max Trainer models come with attractive warranties on their parts and the money-back guarantee which allows the customer to return the machine within 6 weeks and claim a total refund if he is not happy with the results.

Instant post workout benefit: Perhaps the greatest advantage of working out on the Max Trainer is that this machine ensures that your body continues to burn calories long after you may have stopped your workouts. This is because the user takes in greater amount of oxygen during interval training when compared to workouts done at a moderate speed. Interval training increases both anaerobic and aerobic capacity and boosts cell function.

The above advantages suggest that the Bowflex max Trainer models guarantee faster results compared to other standard gym equipments like treadmills, steppers or elliptical trainers. Although the workouts are not easy, there are easy resistance levels for amateurs and beginners. They can enjoy these initial workouts and gradually increase the intensity of workouts. These workouts are designed to accelerate your metabolism and boost your stamina. You can hope to get better results by mixing the workouts and using the interval training workouts.

Final words

All in all therefore, the Max Trainer from Bowflex is an excellently designed workout machine that is compact and affordable. It guarantees a much-required cardio-training especially in colder places where it may be hard to pursue outdoor exercises during winters and for people who are scared of hurting their knees and hips during cardiovascular workouts.