Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Review

bowflex-revolution-home-gym-300x300When you have extremely hectic work lives and are unable to take time out to exercise at the gym regularly, the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym may be just what you need. This is an innovative resistance exercise machine which helps the user strengthen his muscles and build endurance levels. The machine uses the resistance technology for simulating the feel and results of working out with free weights. The overall design is compact and space saving, making it easy to store at your home. With the help of the Bowflex Revolution home gym, you can perform a wide variety of workouts that you normally do on many different gym equipments. Besides being convenient for home use, this machine is affordably priced.

How does the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym work?

This home gym makes use of the concepts of resistance and tension. It has circular plates attached with coiled straps which according to the manufacturer will allow the user to make multiple adjustments depending on his size and to bring more variations to his workouts. The new design ensures that the home gym takes up even lesser space at home. The machine is fitted with a seat and independent arms that can take up as many as 10 distinct positions and can rotate up to 170 degrees. The leg press can hold up to 600 pounds. Using this home gym, the user can perform nearly 400 variations of workouts within the confines of his home. The machine comes with a manual which recommends a list of specific workouts for the buyer. The cutting edge technology, popularly called the SpiraFlex resistance technology replaces heavy weights in standard gyms, allowing the user to experience both smooth and challenging motions. The user can perform nearly 100 exercises with as many as 400 variations which ensure that you can work out every major zone in your body.

Why is the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym popular?

Versatility: This home gym from Bowflex is perhaps the most versatile gym equipment because of its innovative SpiraFlex technology. This helps to replicate advantages of working out with free weights. There are independent arms that can move up to 10 positions with 170 degree adjustments. The leg press has the power to hold 600 pounds of resistance and boasts of capability which is not found in any other traditional gym equipment. You can rest the elbows on the machine’s platform and hold the inner handles with underhand grips. The vertical bench press lets you perform many types of workouts with variations. The leg extension helps users develop stronger and more muscular legs. The 5-way ankle and hand-grip adds flexibility and power to any workout. The multiple cable positions help you alter the angle of resistance in order to increase effectiveness of workouts. A built-in rowing machine burns more calories and offers excellent cardiovascular workouts.

Resistance: This machine uses the resistance technology and contains round-shaped plates attached to coiled straps. The SpiraFlex technology uses a cable/pulley mechanism where the resistance is offered by long flexible rods that are found at the back of the machine. When bow tensions increase, the workouts become tougher and more intense; this is why it is recommended that the user performs reps of exercises to enjoy the maximum health benefits. The unit can be easily folded into a compact size easy for storage. The machine has a manual which offer detailed instructions about different workouts.

Convenience: With the Bowflex Revolution home gym, you are spared of the trouble of working out in expensive gyms. You can easily afford a Bowflex home gym for your home and use it at your own convenient time. The machine is easy to assemble and you can dismantle it equally easily and store it.

Safety: The Bowflex Revolution Home Gym is safe for use as it will not cause any kind of injury to your joints. It is ideally suited for fitness conscious people who are keen to maintain a particular level of fitness. When you work out with free weights at a gym, you run the risk of hurting yourself or getting sore muscles after the workout. However, the Bowflex home gym is perfect for those who are just starting out with weight and strength training.

Guarantee: The manufacturer offers a rather attractive guarantee on this machine for its customers. Buyers can return the product after six weeks if they are not completely satisfied with the outcome. You can get in touch with the company’s customer service representatives and claim a full refund. Besides this guarantee, Bowflex also provides a 10-year limited warranty that covers defects in workmanship and defects in materials.

Training benefits: The SpiraFlex plates helps the user to experience smooth and continuous resistance motions which goes a long way in developing stronger and lean muscles. Versatility of interlocking plates ensures that the user can adjust the weights from 10lbs-300lbs easily. This plate-loaded machine guarantees smooth yet versatile workouts at home, by replicating the benefits you will gain from working out with free weights.

High end technology: The machine was conceived largely to combine the benefits of all strength training machines into a single unit which is space-effective. This is why engineers have blended the geometrical design of the cam system with the SpiraFlex technology to create a self-contained home gym that offers more than 100 interesting workouts. It is space-effective smart equipment that shrinks in size when folded. The independent pulleys which are called Freedom Arms are capable of being adjusted up to 170 degrees and have as many as ten settings that offer users a high degree of flexibility. This versatility ensures that you have a quality and complete body workout each time. The machine guarantees consistent gym-quality resistance in every workout because of the SpiraFlex technology.

Final words

These advantages prove beyond any shadow of doubt why the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym is highly recommended fitness equipment for home use. This home gym from Bowflex is ideal for individuals trying to lose the extra pounds. Besides doing workouts on this machine, users need to follow a healthy low-calorie diet to see results. The machine is not recommended for athletes; rather it is perfect for people committed to following daily exercise routines at home.