Bowflex Uppercut Review

maxresdefaultThe Bowflex Uppercut has become rather popular in recent time for being compact-designed and versatile home gym equipment. It is easy to set up and even easier to use, guaranteeing the user an excellent and comprehensive upper body workout. The main reason behind its popularity is the unique design and the machine’s resistance bands. You can place the equipment below your chest to perform the perfect push-ups. The resistance bands ensure that you can do these perfectly. The main focus of the workouts is on your upper body and chest; this helps the user to develop big arms, rock hard abs, shredded shoulders, a chiseled chest etc. There are more than thirty workout options in this single compact unit which can activate more than 30% muscles.

Why you should buy the Bowflex Uppercut:

  • Easy to use: The Bowflex Uppercut is a fitness machine which is rather easy to use and install. The user can perform more than thirty exercises using this machine. There are full videos showing workouts for training the user. It ensures that every push-up action performed by the user is perfect so that you core muscles are properly targeted. This gives you the best and the fastest results.
  • Greater stability: This machine is stable giving a lot of support to your body when you working out on it. This guarantees that all your efforts are targeted to the right muscle groups so that results are quick and guaranteed. The additional support allows users to perform reps almost four times without experiencing a lot of fatigue.
  • Wide range of workouts: The unique design of the machine lets you do much more than traditional push-ups; you can do presses and pikes, the combination of workouts you choose to perform can help you get quicker results. You can combine traditional push-ups and triceps lifts with bird dog pushes t get a full chest workout. To workout the abdominals, you can try combining different types of tucks like the bridge tuck or classis tuck or tuck pike. To sculpt muscles even further, you can do flies and dives. All workouts are pretty intensive although the device is simple to look at. The best part about the Bowflex Uppercut is that is starts working at your preferred level, and then lets you ramp it up when your body gets used to the workouts and you are prepared to take the level up. So, the workouts are never boring or repetitive.

This shows that the Bowflex Uppercut is best suited for users who want quick results without having to spend hours in the gym to get the perfectly toned arms and chest. It promotes weight loss and develops muscles. It offers a wide range of workouts for the user which targets different parts of his body like the core, arms, legs and thighs. The design of this machine ensures that every movement performed is carried out correctly. It is compact and versatile, easy to transport from one place to another and equally convenient for storage.