12 Exercises To Lose Thigh Fat

side plankThe thighs are the trouble spot for most women today. There is no way to spot-reduce, but there are few specific workouts that mainly target your thighs to make them look slim and toned. There are 12 different moves discussed below along with the link that shows how each workout is performed. These moves are more than traditional leg lifts to lose weight and tone your inner thighs from all angles. These workouts should be performed 4 times in a week if you want to attain slim and toned thighs.

  1. Lunge

This is one of the best workouts to lose thigh fat. It is the best move to work out your leg muscles. It works by training your hamstrings, thighs, and glutes. In addition to strengthening and toning your legs, it also improves your core strength. To make it more challenging, you can add weights. If you are unsure how to perform this workout correctly, you can refer to the link given below.

  1. Side Lunge

Majority of women striving to lose thigh fat know that the main trouble spot is the inner thighs. When you perform this workout, it tones and strengthens the inner thigh muscles which are hard to reach. These muscles are crucial in stabilizing the hip and fending muscle injuries.

  1. Dumbbell RDL

The Romanian Dead lift targets the muscles of lower back, glutes and hamstrings. It is the ideal workout that helps to eliminate cellulite stored in the back of your legs. It also tones your thighs besides burning fat.

  1. Hip Bridge

This back move helps by working the hamstrings and targeting the glutes. The best part about this is that it needs no equipment and can be done within the comfort of your home.

  1. Wall Sit

It is also known as wall squat which is basically a body weight workout to test the endurance and strength of your lower body. It works out your glutes, hamstrings and calves to eliminate excess fat stored and also tones your thighs and legs. In order to perform wall sit, you can refer to the link mentioned below.

  1. Skater Lunge

This is yet another great workout for your thighs as it works your glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves. It is fun to perform it and at the same time delivers great results. You can get rid of thigh fat effectively through this workout.

  1. Jump Rope

This is not just a workout but also a fun activity. It offers best jumping ropebenefits in terms of fitness as it is a total body workout. It not only reduces thigh fat, but also strengthens your heart and tones your legs and arms as well. It is an effective cardio workout that helps to shed excess calories and fat from your body.

  1. Squat

If you are determined to get rid of excess fat accumulated in your thigh area, squat is one of the most effective workouts. It targets your lower body in addition to the core. This move targets hamstrings, buttocks, and core and thigh muscles.

  1. Gate Swings

Gate Swings is one of the best workouts for your thighs. It is effective because it strengthens your core muscles. Also, the muscles are stabilized so as to target the inner thighs. Alternatively, you can brace your abs throughout the movement to form a balance.

  1. Side Lunge Sweep

This is indeed one of the best workouts to tone both your inner and outer thigh areas. It also helps you shed excess fat from your thighs and legs. The additional cross over in the move helps in working out your inner thigh more effectively.

  1. Chair Pose

Chair Pose is a workout that is not only easy to perform but also works wonders to help you obtain slimmer and toned thighs. It works out your legs from different angles to help you gain maximum benefit.

  1. Side Plank Lift

Side Plank Lift is a great workout that targets your thighs by shedding excess fat. It challenges your total lower body in addition to core and arms. The trick is to brace your abs tight and ensure that your upper body remains still as you raise and lower your leg.

Thus, these are some of the effective workouts for your thighs which can be performed at the convenience of your own home. You can watch the videos through the link provided and perform workouts correctly for maximum benefits. These workouts when combined with a healthy diet will offer maximum benefits.