Medifast Alternatives – Which is better and Cheaper?

medifast-web-600Medifast diet plan can followed upon doctor’s advice. The program is designed to offer quick weight loss mainly for those people who have to be fit. The key to weight loss is creating a calorie deficit and Medifast does it the right way. The plan recommends dieters to eat 6 meals a day which can be had in the intervals of 3 to 4 hours. The aim of the diet plan is to offer weight loss in parallel to preserving the muscle mass. Even after completion of the program, the dieters are provided with sufficient support to maintain health and weight.

Medifast provides portion controlled foods to its dieters that are also low in carbohydrates, calories and fats. The foods are mostly in the form of dried ingredients which the dieters have to mix in water and consume. This option is found to be convenient for busy dieters who do not have time to cook their own diet meals at home. Even the seniors find this option to be convenient because of their old age. It also provides foods in solid forms for dieters who prefer to eat that way. When following Medifast plans, dieters will be eating 4 or 5 meals a day and they will have to cook one lean and green meal on their own.

Nutrisystem is the best alternative to Medifast plan for many conveniences it offers to its dieters. Some find difficult to follow Medifast as they end up eating bland meals most of the days. Besides, they will also have to cook one lean and green meal on their own which is not feasible for busy dieters. Medifast plans are also costly when compared to Nutrisystem. The diet meals for a day are provided at $11.96 which is very affordable for most of the Nutrisystem followers. This even comes down when using discount coupons that the company keeps sending to its followers.

Features that make Nutrisystem a better alternative

The foremost feature is the convenience that the Nutrisystem diet plans offer to the dieters. It assures a steady weight loss of 2 lbs if their dietary guidelines are rightly followed. The program does not instruct its dieters to starve or consume pills to lose weight. It provides 170 sumptuous meal options to choose from and recommends eating small meals at several times a day. Apart from the meals, it also recommends adding fresh fruits and vegetables to the daily diet. This is how Nutrisystem instills good eating habits into the lifestyle of dieters.

Nutrisystem meals are prepared under expert guidance and do not include any artificial additives. The meals are fortified with essential minerals and vitamins and are not added with trans fats. The meals are also prepared using ingredients that are essentially low in sodium, fat, carbs and sugar. The meals also eliminate the dieter’s efforts like counting calories and checking portion size on a daily basis.

Nutrisystem offers diet plans to people belonging to different age groups and specialized plans for people with health conditions like diabetes, vegetarians and seniors. The dieters can choose any of these plans based on their individual and health requirements. When following Nutrisyste D, which is designed for diabetics, the dieters can lose weight as well as control their blood sugar levels. Nutrisystem offers both shelf stable and frozen meals to choose from. The dieters will have access to 170 meal options when they subscribe to Uniquely Yours plan. They also get full freedom to customize their menu under this plan. They can get in touch with the expert nutritionists to get free counseling on dieting and this option is available in two of their standard plans.

South beach diet plan

South beach diet plan is formulated by Dr. Arthur Agatston, a spinachcardiologist by profession is another best alternative of Medifast. He mainly developed this diet plan to promote heart health of its patients. He developed a list of foods that are essentially low in glycemic values which also have the ability to regulate the cholesterol and insulin levels in the body. The main idea of this diet plan is to prevent heart risks such as stroke or attacks through foods that do not spike insulin or cholesterol levels.

The program promotes weight loss through three phases. The phase 1 restricts intake of carbs and persuades the body to break fat for energy. Though dieters experience drop in energy levels as their intake of protein is on higher side, they will be able to get through this phase. In phase 2, some amount of good carbs is introduced into the diet and maximum 2lbs of weight loss is assured though the weight loss progression slows down in this phase. In phase 3, the restrictions are reduced and dieters are allowed to follow normal food with very minimal restrictions of carbs. Dieters getting to this phase will gain awareness on what foods to eat or avoid.

Like Medifast and Nutrisystem, South beach diet plan also helps dieters to lose weight in a healthy and safe way. Dieters following South beach diet plan will be able to build up a good rapport with the foods they consume and reach the weight loss goal. They also get to learn healthy recipes and cook their own diet meals. This helps them to maintain the weight loss results for long.

Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig is another alternative for Medifast plan offering totally 70 meal options. However, the meal varieties are less here when compared to Nutrisystem and most of the meals are vegetarian foods. Moreover, these vegetarian foods are prepared adding dairy products which are not suitable for vegans. On the other hand, this plan is not ideal for people having health conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. They will have to consult with the doctor prior to following Jenny Craig diet plans.

Weight Watchers

Like Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers help dieters to learn good eating habits and also the meals taste good. Weight watchers assign point values for the foods they suggest to their dieters. Therefore, dieters have to ensure that they gain the specific points for the day. Though it is not compulsory it helps them stay on track. Weight watchers can be a good alternative to Medifast because of the online community support the dieters enjoy. Dieters get good support from fellow dieters through the online community and also get chance to interact in Weight watchers meetings.


Based on the above facts, Nutrisystem seems to be more dieter friendly program for various conveniences it provides. It is the best alternative of Medifast and help busy people to lose weight more conveniently. Therefore, Nutrisystem can be the ultimate choice for dieters who want to lose weight without any inconveniences and in a healthy way.