Nutrisystem Reviews – Worth Buying?

Most of us want to shed the extra pounds without causing any harm Nutri_01to our health. However, all quick fix solutions like crash dieting methods or weight loss pills are known to have side effects leading to general weakness and irritability. Companies like Nutrisystem Inc have revolutionized the concept of dieting by introducing effective weight loss programs which do not force you to give up on foods and instead encourage healthy eating habits. Nutrisystem has become a rather popular diet planner company because it has successfully helped millions of dieters all across the globe lose weight without affecting their health.

How does Nutrisystem work?

Nutrisystem provides precooked nutritious meals to consumers. These meals are precooked and loaded with important ingredients that are needed for your overall growth and development. They are then packed into microwaveable pouches which are delivered straight to your doorstep. When you order in bulk, you stand to gain attractive discounts. All payments can be made on the Nutrisystem website and you do not have to worry about getting scammed. The meals are not only wholesome and nutritious, but also score high on taste. They are both calorie-controlled and portion-controlled to help you reduce your daily calorie intake.

Why should you trust Nutrisystem meal plans?

Convenience: Since Nutrisystem Inc offers precooked healthy diet meals to members; it is very convenient for people having hectic work lives. There are many people with extremely busy work schedules who do not get the time to cook healthy meals for their families. Nutrisystem provides precooked diet meals that only have to be heated before eating. So, you do not have to worry about counting the calories every time you eat a meal or cooking nutritious meals for your loved ones.


Nutritious meals: All Nutrisystem meals are wholesome, rich in fibers and essential proteins and contain foods that are low in Glycemic Index which helps to stabilize blood glucose levels. The meals do not contain trans fats and are low in salt and sugar which helps to regulate blood pressure levels. Along with the diet meals, Nutrisystem also advises its members to eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day to supplement their meals.

Variety of meal plans: With Nutrisystem, members are actually spoilt for choice because of the overwhelming menus and meal plans they can choose from. For instance, Nutrisystem meals are available under three main plans like the Nutrisystem Basic plans, Nutrisystem Core plans and Nutrisystem Uniquely yours plans. The latter is the costliest because members can enjoy both shelf stable foods and frozen gourmet dishes under the Nutrisystem Uniquely yours plans. Besides, you can also buy special diet meal plans for people with specific medical conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure. There are separate mea plans for men and women, children and seniors, diabetics, vegans and non-vegans. Switching from one meal plan to another is also not a hassle; you can easily change to another diet plan or customize your current menu when you have got tired of eating the same meals over and over again.

Nutrisystem Lean 13

Does Nutrisystem workNutrisystem has lately launched Lean 13 program which is highly effective for people who are setting high weight loss goals. This diet program helps the followers lose up to 13 pounds and 7 inches in the first week of following it. The program offers seven tasty breakfast meals, lunches and dinners to start with. Additionally, turboshakes and nutricrush bars are provided to the followers which hasten up the weight loss result. The shakes are enriched with filling proteins and probiotics which keep the dieters satiated for a longer time. The bars prevent you from unnecessary binging between meals. Eventually they also prevent belly bloating and improve digestion. A daily tracker accompanies the plan which helps the dieters to watch their weight loss progress. Once the dieters complete the first week, they will have to follow the regular Nutrisystem meal plans and they have the convenience of customizing their own menu. The Nutrisystem diet experts give their guidance on all days in the week and help you stay focused in the weight loss journey. They can be contacted through emails and toll free phone numbers that the official website provides.

Flexibility: Nutrisystem does not believe in forcing its members to give up on their favorite foods in order to shed the extra weight. Rather, it encourages dieters to enjoy their treats in moderation. You can choose from more than 170 exciting menus which include tasty and low-calorie desserts and snacks too. Under every meal plan, you can enjoy the main meals of the day like breakfast, lunch and dinner along with snack entrees and desserts.

Costs: Compared to other diet planners, costs of Nutrisystem meals are quite reasonable, amounting to approximately $11 per day. The uniquely yours plans are slightly more expensive because these provide both frozen and non-frozen meals. Even women’s plans, seniors’ plans and diabetic plans are slightly costlier. The total costs vary between $230 and $410 on a monthly basis. When you choose the auto-shipping options, you can enjoy great savings. Besides, there are online Nutrisystem coupons that are provided by the company from time to time. You can subscribe to their promotional emails and newsletters to stay updated about the latest savings offers. Another great advantage of registering on the Nutrisystem website is that you do not have to pay any membership fees.

Online support: When you become a Nutrisystem member, you can avail of 24×7 online counseling from diet experts on their website. You can also monitor your weight loss progress using their online weight tracker systems and diet charts. This helps dieters stay committed to their weight loss programs and prevents them from falling off the wagon. Dieters can also interact with fellow dieters and nutrition experts through online communities and forums. This gives them the chance to share their feedbacks and opinions about weight loss with others.

Guarantee: When you choose to diet using Nutrisystem meal plans, you can enjoy their unique money back guarantee. This lets the dieter discontinue the meal plans and claim a complete refund for the payments made if he is not satisfied with the results.

Gradual weight loss: Most importantly, Nutrisystem meals will not trigger rapid or dramatic weight loss. Weight loss through Nutrisystem is gradual and healthy and you can hope to achieve a weight loss of about a couple of pounds every week.

These advantages make Nutrisystem definitely more popular than other diet planners. Compared to others, Nutrisystem meals are far more affordable and cost-effective. Their meals are like home cooked meals containing essential ingredients and nutrients needed for our growth. They do not believe in skipping meals or starving to lose the extra weight. Instead, Nutrisystem meals help you inculcate healthy eating habits and positive lifestyle changes. Their plans focus on teaching dieters more about the right kinds of foods which can aid weight loss and foods that are best avoided to accelerate weight loss. You can get round-the-clock support from qualified dieticians and nutrition counselors on their website; this helps you stay motivated and committed to your weight loss goals. All in all, Nutrisystem offers the most effective and affordable weight loss solution to dieters keen to lose the extra weight through a healthy diet program.