Nutrisystem vs Medifast – Which is Best?

sample-day-family (1)When you plan to follow a diet program and there are myriads of options right in front of you, it often becomes too difficult to choose the best one. Out of many diet programs, Nutrisystem and Medifast are the popular programs and both offer best of fitness and weight loss outcomes. Before choosing the best one, it is important to understand how each program works and what it offers. By doing so, you will be able to assess which diet is most suitable for your body and whether it fulfills your requirements.

About Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem is a meal delivery program that offers effective weight loss results. There are distinct meals that get delivered to your doorstep. The meals are prepackaged and there is no hassle of calculating the calories before eating. Also, dieters need not prepare their meals as the meals come ready that can be simply heated in the microwave. In addition to best meals, the program also offers delicious shakes, snacks and desserts. Every plan of Nutrisystem comes with a variety and hence there is no way you will get bored of eating Nutrisystem meals. If you stick to the plans, you will definitely notice great results. Many people have been regularly ordering meals and have seen successful results from it.

Benefits of Nutrisystem

Pre-portioned Meals- The meals are perfectly portioned and hence you will only ingest the right amount of calories per day. Besides, the program also offers counseling service for dieters round the clock through its website. As a subscriber, if you have any queries or facing any concern, you can seek assistance on how to proceed. When you feel overwhelmed, you can simply seek counseling and get back on track. The counseling session is a great way to motivate yourself and ensures that you are moving in the progressive direction.

Convenience – It offers great convenience for office goers as the meals are prepared and packed. All they need to do is carry the meals for the day and simply reheat in the microwave. It saves a whole lot of time and energy as one need to spend time in the kitchen cooking healthy meals on a daily basis. Also, it eliminates the need for any guess work as the meals are already prepared thereby simplifying your life. If you eat the food delivered to you without missing and follow the plans offered by Nutrisystem, you will certainly succeed in achieving your fitness goals.

About Medifast

Medifast is yet another great meal delivery diet plan that is quite lose-weight-basic (1)similar to Nutrisystem. It provides majority of meals of the day. The program has several plans that are designed to meet the requirements of different individuals. Medifast effectively offers weight loss with the help of certain portion controlled meals that are low in calories. In addition to delivering meals, it also teaches dieters how to cook lean green meals. As a result, it helps users to sustain the weight loss even after you stop subscribing for the diet plan. Medifast relies mostly on ketosis in a milder form and hence you don’t ingest high amount of calories or carbs. Therefore, your body requires shedding fat for energy.

Benefits of Medifast

Ease of use- The diet program is easy to follow unlike other diet programs. In order to achieve weight loss, all you need to eat is 4 to 5 types of snacks or meals that are portioned evenly for the entire day. The Medifast diet plan offers meals based on the type of plan you choose. The program offers a lean green meal and snack option daily. It teaches you the exact quantity of foods you need to purchase and what you should eat. It also eliminates the guess work and helps you make frequent trips to grocery stores with a lot of enthusiasm. This way, you will know what foods to buy to attain weight loss and maintain it for life.

No counting of calories – When you choose Medifast, you don’t require counting calories as the meals get determined by the system. Hence, it makes your diet program easy and saves you from the trouble of keeping a tab of calories on a daily basis. If you simply follow the plan offered by Medifast, you will achieve weight loss successfully. Weight loss is achieved here by restricting the calories as you can’t eat anything you wish to. The dieters need to stick to the low caloric meals of 800 to 1000. It does not allow your body to starve as the food offered keeps your stomach filled up for longer hours. This helps in avoiding unhealthy binging at odd hours or between meals.

Features  Nutrisystem Medifast
Diet Plans Personalized plans for all types of individuals Customizable plans
Meals Offers 6 meals per day 4 meals, 2 lean and green meals and one snack
Menu Options More than 150 foods to choose from. 70 glycemic meals to choose from
Snacks A huge variety of snacks Limited and optional snacks to choose from
Meal Alteration Can include fresh veggies and fruits of your choice in meals No alteration can be done
Nutrition Low Glycemic foods to maintain blood sugar levels  Gluten free foods and  approved by GFCO
Door delivery Option Yes Yes
Weight Loss Tracking Weight loss can be tracked through the website No such tool available
Support Tools Online chat, counseling sessions, user forums and more FAQ section offers solutions to most queries
Guarantee 14-day risk free guarantee 30 day money back guarantee
Cost $274.99 Per Month which is less than $10 per day. First month it starts at $299 and from second month at $395.55


Nutrisystem and Medifast are good dietary programs that offer special plans for men, women, older adults, diabetics and vegetarians. However, if you are facing health conditions due to your weight, Medifast is the appropriate plan as you need to consult a doctor before starting the plan. If not, Nutrisystem is a better option as it offers amazing weight loss results and helps you maintain it for good. In terms of cost, Nutrisystem is far more affordable than Medifast and it offers more food options that best appeals to most dieters. When you consider the features of both diet programs, you will be able to figure out which plan is more beneficial and suitable to accomplish your weight loss goals.