The Most Efficient Drink For Losing Belly Fat

drinkThe “Sassy Water” is indeed the most efficient drink for shedding the belly fat and has been rightfully named after its creator, a nutritionist named Cynthia Sass. Sass claims that this unique drink has the capability to lower flatulence and offers many positive benefits for the digestive system. Diet experts are of the opinion that if you can consume this drink regularly and work out moderately, you can easily melt the belly fat.

Cynthia Sass or the nutritionist who came up with this magic potion states that this drink is designed to reduce bloating. This is found to hold true in most cases where individuals have actually consumed this drink and managed to lose as many as 26 pounds.

How can you make the Sassy Water?

To make this drink, you will need eight glasses of water, a teaspoon of ginger root grated, a medium sized cucumber cut in slices, a medium sized lemon also cut in slices and 12 mint leaves (fresh) and a teaspoon of dried mint. The ingredients have to be blended well in a big bowl and left overnight. You should ideally store it in your refrigerator. The drink must then be consumed about 4-5 times in the day. You can even start your day with this magical drink and you are likely to get the best results. Experts suggest that drinking this potion and doing moderate physical activity can work to give you a flatter belly. However, those who may be pregnant or nursing little babies should not drink this water.

Why is the Sassy Water effective for reducing belly fat?

To start with, lemon water and lemon are known to be excellent for losing weight. This is because lemon happens to be a natural diuretic. Likewise, cucumber is also a natural diuretic which has protein digesting enzymes. Leon is alkaline and offers proper pH balance for the body while cucumber triggers a kidney function which can burn the extra fat through your urine. Mint on its part is known to have a rather calming effect for the belly and it improves digestion. Mint is also believed to calm the nervous system because it is relaxing to breathe in its aroma. The key ingredient along with water is of course ginger. This comes with a fantastic flavor and taste and calms down the gastrointestinal tract. Ginger is also known to fight cancers.

How to do the Sassy Water Diet:

This diet should be followed by dieters during the first 4 days. This lemonis followed by consuming about 1600 calories a day with your diet meals containing whole grains, vegetables and fresh fruits. It is important to eat the meals every 4 hours to ensure optimal digestion. In this, the Sassy Water proves to be a huge help as it keeps the energy levels stable and prevents cravings.

How does the Sassy Water diet help?

If you can drink lots of water especially Sassy water and eat low-calorie foods, you will notice dramatic changes in the body weight within a short while. The body starts to rehydrate after the detoxification is over and it successfully flushes out all toxins. This is not to suggest that the weight will never return once you start eating real food. As soon as you start eating sugar and carbs, the body starts to store water. This is why continuing this efficient drink with diet is very essential. It is a perfect option for those not keen to lose a lot of weight but who are interested in cleansing their digestive systems.

When you eat low-calorie foods that are free of caffeine and work out regularly, you can easily lose the belly fat. The diet mainly focuses on food with monounsaturated fats like olive oil or nuts. Cynthia Sass is hopeful that dieters will be able to lose as many as 15 kilograms by following this diet. For the best results, you need to store this Sassy water in the fridge because cold liquid is always better for weight loss as the body will make more efforts to attain the temperature and end up burning more calories. With this diet, you can lose up to two pounds every week.