Bowflex BodyTower Review

0212_bodytower_lines._V138456431_When you can buy affordably priced multifunctional gym equipment for your home, it is an offer that is hard to resist. The Bowflex Body Tower is one such fitness machine which serves like a multifunction exercise station and guarantees a complete body workout. It can help the user perform a variety of workouts including push-ups and planks, squats and pull-ups, leg raises and knee raises etc. The EZ-adjust horizontal bars offer different intensity levels for the users which offer a great variety where daily workouts are concerned. The handgrips and the sling straps make the Bowflex Body Tower far superior to other towers currently in the market. The machine comes with a commercial-grade steel base to guarantee greater stability and security. Moreover, there is a guide that features 10 workouts and a placard mounted on it which shows 8 key workouts. These features account for its popularity as one of the most worthwhile fitness machines for your home gym.

Reasons to buy the Bowflex Body Tower:

  • Versatility: This machine allows the user to perform a wide range of workouts making it extremely versatile and flexible. Most users have found it to be rather effective for engaging their core muscles and leg muscles. They are also appreciative of the adjustability and quality of the dip bars.
  • Ergonomic: The overall design of the Body Tower is ergonomic and user-friendly, and extra inclusions such as the handgrips and knee raise straps have pads attached to them to add to your comfort. This allows even first timers to do all the workouts easily. Since the machine is made from heavy-duty steel, it is rather strong and durable. The heavy steel tubing makes it sturdy. Foam padded sling straps and the handgrips are non-absorbent and bacteria-resistant. The overall height of the machine is also suited for apartments that may have low ceilings.
  • Easy installation: The Bowflex Body Tower is easy to set up. Within half an hour you can install the machine and start working out on it.  The assembly instructions are quite clear and you will not need additional tools to set it up.
  • Spacesaving: The small footprint is another strong advantage which makes this equipment ideally suited for the home gym. Since it takes up limited floor space, it looks less intimidating.
  • Warranty: The machine comes with a 5 year warranty. It is affordably priced and provides great value.

These advantages make the Bowflex Body Tower popular home gym equipment which is uncomplicated to operate and offers a great range of workouts for the user. This helps to target different muscle groups in your body. The machine has a compact design and is very easy to store at home. The heavy duty base makes it secure and stable when you are working out. In spite of some drawbacks, the Bowflex Body Tower remains as one of the best body towers currently available in the market primarily because of the high degree of versatility and affordability. It is a single complete unit worth buying when you are looking for the perfect addition to your home gym.