Bowflex Treadclimber Review

If you are determined to lose weight and burn those unwanted calories from your body, you have plenty of options to do so. However, nothing is more practical and effective than working out within the comfort of your own home. You have the benefit of working out at your own convenient time and space. Also, there is no hassle of getting ready to travel to the gym daily. There are several home gym machines manufactured for the comfort of users. But, you should choose fitness equipment that offers total body workout. This helps in investing on a single piece of exercise equipment rather than buying multiple machines.


Considering the size of these home gym machines, it is not possible to buy them all to work on different body parts. Therefore, the best solution is to invest in a machine that offers good results for your total body. A Treadclimber from Bowflex is the ideal choice to make as it works by combining the effect of three exercise machines. Let’s read more to understand what Treadclimber is all about and how does it work.

Introduction to Bowflex Treadclimbers

A Treadclimber is basically a cardio machine that offers low impact workout to your body. It is a combination of an elliptical machine, treadmill and a stair climber. This 3-in-1 Treadclimber helps in burning excess calories from your body. You don’t need to run on it like you do in a treadmill. You simply need to walk on the machine and your calories get burned due to its stair climbing technology. The treadclimber from Bowflex is a renowned fitness machine that is in great demand in the fitness market today.

About the Company

The company began its corporation in 1986 to develop an innovative method to offer quality results of fitness at home. Bowflex came up with a convenient solution that offered guaranteed outcomes within the comfort of the home. The company consistently strived to expand their home gym machines to add strength and cardio products to match the needs of every individual. It has dedicated more than 30 years to design effective and smarter ways to help people obtain positive outcomes from home. Therefore, Bowflex is one of the popular and most reliable names as far as home fitness is concerned.

The manufacturers of treadclimbers know their products well and try their best to create machines that yield best results. The team is always focused and tries to design machines that are efficient to help you get healthier, fitter, and happier. It strongly believes in leading an active and fitter lifestyle and has designed this innovative fitness machine naming it as Treadclimber. If you are unsure how treadclimbers are different from other workout machines, you should read on further for a clear vision.

How are Treadclimbers different?

When you combine 3 distinct workouts in a single trainer, it burns maximum calories when compared to the traditional workout machines. This is one of the major differences that the company has incorporated which makes it so popular today. The innovative way of workout has the forward motion similar to a treadmill, the stair climbing effect and smooth elliptical motion. This means that you can have a better workout result when compared to jogging or walking in lesser time duration. There is no impact on joints like running and it makes you less tired. As a result, you can stay motivated to focus on your fitness goals.

How does a Treadclimber work?

treadclimber-info-kit-coverYou may be wondering why you can’t simply walk outside or elsewhere instead of using the treadclimber. Well, a treadclimber has the patented three in one motion that helps in burning maximum calories than just jogging or walking. It makes you feel less tired yet burns more calories like a treadmill of the same speed. This is mainly due to less generation of blood lactate, which is a buildup of lactic acid during a workout. Due to this reason people feel tired post workouts and most often becomes hard to stick to it.

Therefore, there are fewer amounts of lactic acid that gets built up than treadmill and elliptical machines which makes your workout sessions on treadclimber effortless. This in turn allows you to remain consistent in performing workouts regularly. As it burns more number of calories than any other home fitness machines, you can stick to it and accomplish your fitness goals in no time.

Benefits of Treadclimbers

There are endless benefits of using Treadclimbers today due to its effectiveness, convenience and ease of use. There is no hassle of enrolling in a gym and waiting for your turn. Also, it saves you from working out on different machines at the gym to work on different muscle groups of the body. The prime benefit of a treadclimber is that it targets your overall body muscles to provide a total cardio workout. In addition to this, there are other benefits as well that have been discussed below.

  • 2.5 times more calories burned

When you choose to perform workouts on a treadclimber, you can burn up to two and a half times more calories at the same speed of a treadmill. You also get an intense cardio workout which does not impact your joints. It is easily adjustable based on the level of fitness you choose. The workout program is customizable that motivates you to work on it more often. You are more consistent and the fitness goals can be achieved faster.

  • 3 workouts in 1

When it comes to the motion of a treadclimber, it combines it with a treadmill, an elliptical machine and a stair climber. As a result, you can expect higher results with low impact on your joints. It saves your time to a great extent as you need not work on different fitness equipments to obtain results. The treadclimbers are designed to offer total body workout.

  • The treadclimber app

This is yet another good feature that offers tons of benefits to users. It helps you set goals and watch calories burn during workouts. You can set the monitor to keep a tab on your fitness goals. Thereafter you can check the progress on a weekly basis to figure out your performance. It helps you to maintain a journal of your performance and this largely helps in improving yourself to perform even better.

  • Cardio training within the comfort of your home

The key benefit of a treadclimber is that it helps in boosting your energy level which gets you going through the day. It decreases the risk of many health conditions like osteoporosis, back pain, heart disease and more. It boosts your metabolism that helps in reducing your body to get you slimmer. These benefits can be obtained within the comfort of your own home.

Effectively targets muscles

The additional benefit of using a treadclimber is that it offers wide incline option which allows the machine to work like three different equipments. Users can modify the incline as per the workout motion and also pay attention to distinct muscle groups. The fitness machine supports both stair climbing and striding effectively.

Bowflex models

There are two different models of treadclimbers introduced by Bowflex.

  • Treadclimber TC100
  • Treadclimber TC200

Product Description of Bowflex TC100

This new model introduced by Bowflex is basically an entry level tc100machine that is easy for beginners. It is designed considering the easiness and convenience in mind. This model helps you to accomplish your fitness goals through its best features. It offers most of the features and advancements like the other top line model. However, it is best suited for those looking for a workout which is as easy as walking and less impactful on the joints. It is relatively economical compared to the other models of Bowflex. Let’s have a closer look at the features of TC 100.

Features of Bowflex TC100

  • Four electronic functions that are inclusive of calories, time, distance and speed
  • Speed range is 5 to 4 mph
  • LCD backlit display with heart rate monitor
  • Inbuilt USB charge port and Bowflex Connect
  • Tracks and monitors personal workout goals of two different users
  • Compact design with water bottle and media shelf holder
  • Two years warranty on the machine
  • Inclusive of weight loss guide from Bowflex
  • Transport wheels helps in easy movement

Product Description of Bowflex TC200

tc200The TC 200 from Bowflex is another model that comes with an advanced digital connectivity. It has a higher console interactivity with a bold new look. Bowflex Treadclimber TC200 is the premier workout machine which helps you to obtain a fitter body. It increases your spirit and keeps you feeling energized while you are walking on the machine. It is a low impact cardio workout machine that helps you reap the fitness benefits.

Features of TC 200

  • 5 distinct workout programs to choose from
  • Walk, calorie, time, interval and distance are the different workout programs
  • Speed range is from 5 to 4.5mph
  • Treadclimber application with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Automatic data sharing with Bowflex, Google Fit, Apple Health Kit and My Fitness Pal
  • Tracks and stores user data of up to 4 different profiles
  • LCD display with heart rate monitor
  • Chest strap and contact grips with inbuilt charging port
  • Water bottle holder and media shelf holder
  • Three year warranty on the entire machine
  • Transport wheels for easy mobility

Cost of Bowflex Treadclimbers

Price is one of the important aspects to consider before purchasing any new product. If you are planning to invest in a treadclimber, you should be well versed with the features and cost to decide which model to choose. There are 2 models of treadclimbers currently and both are equally effective. The cost of shipping may differ based on the mode of delivery you choose. It also depends on the location. As far as the price of the treadclimbers is concerned, it is as follows:

  • TC 100 is priced at $2,199.00 plus S&H
  • TC 200 is priced at $3,299.00 plus S&H

Comparison between TC100 and TC200


Features Bowflex TC200 Bowflex TC100
Range of Speed 5 to 4.5 mph 5 to 4 mph
Highlights Includes 5 workout programs – Intervals, Time Goal, Distance Goal, Calorie Goal and Just Walk Monitors personal fitness goals through Bowflex Connect
Electronic functions Speed, calories, distance and time Speed, calories, distance and time
Heart Rate Monitor Cordless heart rate monitor that allows you use the chest strap or hand grips Hand grips
Bluetooth with Free App Treadclimber App with Bluetooth Connectivity to track and monitor fitness goals Not available
Water Bottle Holder Inclusive Inclusive
Interactive Backlit Monitor Available Available
Media Shelf Available Available
Inbuilt Charging Port Available Available
Source of Power AC Adapter included AC Adapter included
Warranty 3 Years 2 Years


Well, after a thorough comparison between the two models, you should be able to decide which one is more suitable for you. There is no doubt that TC200 offers more speed and power when you compare it with TC100. Another plus point about TC200 is that it offers Bluetooth connectivity unlike the other model. TC200 is sturdier with added features and hence it stands out to be the better model than TC100. Depending on your requirement and budget, you can decide which model suits the best. Both models have best of features and provide effective cardio workout to your body offering good results.


The current versions of Bowflex Treadclimbers are indeed great and offer the ultimate fitness results that you are looking for. Regardless of the models you choose, both have been designed with a great concept and offer the convenience of working out from home. It offers the workout benefits of three machines which is one of the biggest advantages of purchasing a treadclimber. You can go through the features thoroughly and choose the right model to get fitter and slimmer. The user reviews can be referred as well to figure out which model is more effective. All in all, Treadclimber is a great alternative over a treadmill or elliptical machines.